YUM. “Yum, yum, yum, yum and yum” was heard around the dinner table the other night (Pop-Pop was over, so that accounts for the 5th “yum”.) We were testing Kashi’s new frozen pizzas. Believe me, they weren’t typical frozen pizzas. They were… well… yummy.
Kashi, known for healthy cereals and snacks, has branched out and introduced their 7-grain pizzas. We’ve sampled a few. The boys favorite, by far, was the margherita-style pizza. The flavor of the tomatoes literally pops when you bite in. The others we sampled were a bit more gourmet–fun for me, but not as fun for the kids.
Debuting this week in your grocer’s freezer, grab one and you just may forego ordering out this Friday, and next. The crust is delicious–rich in honey and wheat flavors… making it much healthier than your average delivery.
Have a second? Check out the Kashi website. You’ll find inspirational and motivational stories, and opportunities for interaction. Join the site and you’ll be entered in a sweepstakes to win Kashi for a year. You can also join their taste-tester panel. Just a few weeks after joining, I received a free box of Go Lean Crunch–I’d never tried it before and found it not only delicious, but as filling as they promise.

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