pkolinoani.jpgI’ve been looking for something like this little Children’s Desk from P’kolino for years. My kids are avid artists. Walk into my home at any time and you will find crayons, markers and bits of paper here there and everywhere. This is because my poor kids are sufferring from the Goldilocks effect. Mommy’s desk is too big! The kitchen counter/barstool is too hard! The kitchen table is too crowded! But this desk from P’kolino? Just right!
Small and compact enough to move unobtrusively from room to room, but large and comfortable enough to sit at and do puzzles, art projects and read a book, the P’kolino Children’s Desk is exactly what we’ve been looking for. Simple, elegant, fun!
The desk was designed for kids aged 2-6 but is still comfortable for my lanky 8 year old daughter to work at. So much so that her 4 year old brother is getting a little annoyed and demanding she get her own desk already. This stylish, compact desk even has its own storage built in under the seat. I love that the whole thing is one piece so there is no dragging a chair around after it. It’s perfect for tucking into the corner of the kitchen, play or family room. It even is a good place to sit and have a snack.
pkolinochildrensdesk.jpgPerhaps best of all is the very reasonable price of this piece of furniture. It’s rare to get such a beautiful quality piece for under a hundred dollars. At only $89 this desk is a steal. It would be perfect holiday gift for any young reader/artist/student.


  1. Hey Ciaran, your daughter is in luck. She can now have her own. The orange desk is on clearance at Toys R Us for just $49.88 and there is free shipping on $50 or more.

  2. sorry wrong product link. Here is the correct one.

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