Here’s why my boys like their new Mini Plaja Pets: “They’re magnetic and they have magnets in them.” They’ve taken their set of magnetic switcharoo plush animals and made games of them.
Each animal (we have 6) are sectioned in 3 pieces: body, head and tail. And for a lot of kids, the fun is in switching head and tails to make a new creature, like a tiger-pig-rhino. For some added fun, I created games with them, like putting all the pieces in a pile and calling out 3 animals, challenging the kids to create the new creature.
But my boys have taken Mini Plaja Pets one step further. They attached the adorable body parts to the fridge and every other magnetic surface in my house. (good thing they’re cute). Today, they’re creating a target and tossing the magnetic tails, a la magnetic darts.
Get a laugh trying out Plaja Pets with your kids at the Plaja Pet website.
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