planet pixie.jpgThe best way to raise planet conscious children is to teach them early. We teach them about recycling and being good to the planet but here is a toy that reinforces the message. Planet Pixies dolls are toys you can really feel good about giving your children. They are adorable fairies that are planet friendly.
There are three pixies: Kayla the Marsh Pixie, Anyu the Ice Pixie, and Maia the Tree Pixie. Not only are they made with all natural organic cotton fabrics and come packaged in 100% post consumer recycled cardboard but they help teach our children to make eco-conscious decisions.
Pixies are losing their homes around the planet from pollution, deforestation and global warming. The Pixies are looking for homes and friends to take care of them and the environment. Each Pixie comes with information about their homeland (specific endangered regions of the world) and the dangers that they face. They also come with tips on helping the environment and living more eco-conscious lives.
Planet Pixies are soft and lovable and teach an important message what else can you ask for in a doll. Oh yes, and they are affordable – retailing for $24.95 on Nubius Organics. Use coupon code MWS15 for 15% off your order.

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