Have you guys heard of Paint Nite? Or maybe you don’t know Paint Nite specifically but you probably have been to or know of local paint companies similar where you bring wine and paint with your girlfriends for an evening? I’m a big fan and a few have cropped up in our area over the last couple of years that I’ve been to.

So when I was recently invited to an event with Plant Nite, owned by the same company as Paint Nite, I was interested to learn more. It’s what it sounds like – instead of painting for an evening, you’re working with plants and dirts and making your own little terrarium to take home once you are done. Sounds cute, right?

My bestie and I checked out a local Paint Nite event last night and we had a blast. Some things that make it different from a painting evening (besides the obvious):

1.) It feels more like an everybody-can-play event. While I enjoy painting, I’m not much of an artist so my paintings are never all that. You pretty much can’t go wrong with Plant Nite, unless you forget to put dirt in your pot or something. It’s an all-skill kind of evening.

2.) It was a lot shorter than a painting event. Most of the paint nights I have been to are around 3 hours. I would say we were done with our plant creation within an hour and a half. Which is no biggie, you can always hang and have another drink!

3.) I liked my creation from Plant Nite better than I have any painting I have done! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had a blast doing a lot of paintings but I never hang them and they eventually go in the trash. I am excited to have my little terrarium in my kitchen for years to come!

4.) Everyone’s plant can be different! At most of those painting nights, you’re painting the same photo but everyone’s plant ended up very different.

The basics:


Your plant host comes with lots of succulent plants for you to choose from. She instructed us to select 4-5 to get started. We added dirt, rocks and other decorative goodies – all of which the host provided. She even had little figurines you could add in the end – I put two mushrooms and a couple of tiny frogs in mine! She offered dinosaurs and other crazy figures, making this also a good evening event to bring older kiddos to!


Our planter was already selected for us – you can see what events are near you on the Plant Nite website and it will often tell you what planter you are using and/or what the theme is but there are some events where you can pick your planter too which is cool.

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 9.52.37 AM

It’s all very customizable. And the one I attended was at a local bar so we were able to get drinks and food from the bar. Definitely fun for a girls’ night out, couples date night or even an afternoon family event with older kiddos. Your ticket price includes the planter, plants & all the extras. Check out PlantNite.com to find the next event near you. (And look on Facebook for your local Plant Nite page – ours has a lot of coupons on it regularly!)

IMG_6659 IMG_6654

Disclaimer: I was provided tickets to attend and check out my local Plant Nite. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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