Plumkids_shells_front_panel Plum Organics (known for their delicious organic baby food) recently introduced organic frozen toddler meals under their Plum Organic Kids label.  My super-picky toddler son, an avowed macaroni and cheese fanatic, tested their Rainbow Pasta Shells with Creamy Parmesan Sauce (which comes with a side of carrots and peas). He described it as "tasty" and literally gobbled it all up, even the peas and carrots (which he usually won’t touch). The pasta was organic tomato, beet and spinach pasta shells. I was happily surprised when he actually ate the spinach pasta shells — usually he picks them out. I’ve never given him a Parmesan sauce, so I was thrilled that it was such a big hit.  The peas and carrots were tender and not soggy. When I asked him why he liked it, he said, "it was good" —Img_3151 in a typical toddler-like fashion. I tried it and thought it was delicious.

The 7 oz serving comes in recycled paperboard box and served in a biodegradable tray — you can heat up the meal by oven or microwave. Due to a very hungry child, we chose the microwave option.

Thank you Plum Organics, for serving up pasta and veggies that my child will actually eat! Also new in the meals are Cheese-filled Spinach Tortellini with Marinara Sauce, Pork Italian Sausage Marinara over Multigrain Pasta, and Bowtie Pasta with Creamy Sweet Potato Sauce. All come with sides of vegetables and retail between $4.29 to $4.69. Click here to find a retailer.

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