plum So when a mom opens a baby food (designed for toddlers ages 12 months and up) and announces “yum! I love these!” You have to wonder: is she totally sleep deprived? Or is the food really good?

And I wondered that about myself at lunch today. So I put some Plum Organics Fruity Fingerfuls on the boys plates at lunch today. And my preschooler had nearly the same exclamation as me: “Mom! These are so yummy!” Okay, I’m not crazy.

Fruity Fingerfuls are crunchy freeze-dried fruit (we tasted the apple today) and grain bites. Described by my almost Kindergartner as “crackerish… and good.” So good, infact, that they asked if I could include them in their lunch boxes this year at school. Love those healthy requests.

We haven’t tasted the mish mash (an organic blended pureed fruit). I’m guessing that will be one the baby tries… I don’t think the boys will be as quick to grab and taste. I’ll let you know her reaction when she tries it. But if its anywhere as good as the Fruity Fingerfuls, I’m sure I’ll be buying lots of Plum Organics in the future.


  1. Organics is great not only for food but for cleaning too. Keeps my baby rash free. I use BabyGanics.

  2. Good post! I agree that organic is the way to go – even in household cleaning! I use babyganics same as Trish does. Here’s a link, hope it helps:

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