As Mommies with Style’s baby and maternity writer, my mailbox is overflowing. Heck my front porch is. In-other-words, I’m opening lots of samples lately. And its not every sample that prompts me to e-mailing the press contact upon opening the box and proclaiming “omg, so cute! Can’t wait to review it!”
I wish the pictures on Podt Training’s site showed just how cute the little peas are. I mean, true, they look cute. The images show little peas with attitudes and personalities like “slee-pea” and “slop-pea”. But when I saw the embroidered green peas in person, I melted. They’re vibrant. They’re clear. And, they’re very cute.
The biggest surprise in the box, amongst the blanket, the bath gear and the onesie, was a sample of one of Podt Training’s newest products, a “Sweet-pea” girl’s rain jacket, the vibrant green pea on a bright pink jacket. Absolutely adorable.
Perfect for a spring shower, you’ll love gifting the embroidered items from Podt Training.

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