In what has turned out to be a major household catastrophy, my husband deleted The Incredibles from our Tivo List. (Somehow the “are you SURE you want to delete this?” question looked like “are you SURE you want to play this” to him. Don’t ask.)
After several nights of hearing “Can I watch the superhero movie with the super-fast boy?”, and it not being on any channels for the next two weeks, I finally broke down and ordered it on DVD off Amazon. But then, in an attempt to get to free shipping I was psyched to find the Polar Express on sale for $10.49. I had rented it for Nate last year and he loved it – so I figure this year will be an even better time to show it as it’s a great time of year for it and he, of course, still loves anything having to do with trains. (The movie’s a story about a boy who travels by train to visit the North Pole and see if Santa really exists.)
Anyway, I thought I’d post it as it’s a great price for a DVD and a fun movie this time of year. $10.49 on Amazon and eligible for free shipping when you hit $25.

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