polarn The first person who told me about this groovy line of Swedish kidswear described it as, “Pippi Longstocking meets the Partridge Family.” Immediately, I knew I was in for a treat.

It’s easy to see, from a quick look around the Polarn O Pyret site, what my friend was talking about. The designs on this site definitely have a fun retro feeling. And the vibe is decidedly Swedish – the stripes, the repetitive motifs, are all reminiscent of the best of Nordic design. But what you cannot see firsthand from browsing the site is the quality of these clothes. It’s a quality that is often lacking in clothes we buy from popular US chains. In a way this reminds me of retro clothing as well. Clothing that was made to last through a few kids in the same family, to be washed and worn and washed again, and weather the abuse of childhood. Many of the designs on the Polarn O Pyret site are specifically designated as “uni” meaning that they can be handed down to younger siblings without fear of taunting. Which, in these times I find super cool. It’s thrifty chic, and exactly what Pippi would have done, if she had a little brother.

One more note  about the quality and versatility – even the leggings from this company feature an adjustable waistband. I cannot tell you how happy this made my lanky 9 year old daughter. She is constantly using a hair rubber band or a pin to keep her leggings on, or wearing a pair of size 6 leggings as capris.

Polarn O Pyret clothes are fast becoming  a celeb fave. There is a summer clearance sale going on at the site right now, through tomorrow. And their fall line up is showing up next week Go check Polarn O Pyret out. Buy your kids a tambourine. And put Pippi Longstocking on your end-of-summer reading list!

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