Pommebaby_2 It’s fresh, it’s organic and it’s prepared by a Zagat rated executive chef. Which is why Pomme Bebe may be the perfect palate primer for your baby.

Pomme Bebe is the dream of Svetla Lazarova Kibota, a native of the beautiful Bulgarian countryside. Growing up she never heard the word organic, but the wholesome foods she ate as a child were just that. Free of harmful pesticides, grown fresh and local. This is the model for Pomme Baby as well. Svetla has teamed with Chef Laurent Brazier to create a unique gourmet baby food business.

In the Pomme Bebe Bebe Bar and Bebelounge in Newport Beach California, baby guests can have a party or a playdate and enjoy a fresh seasonal menu of freshly prepared, flavorful and colorful pureed baby foods while the adults enjoy some fresh squeezed juice – though they may be tempted to steal a little of their kid’s food!  If you are lucky enough to live nearby, it is worth a trip in to sample the foods before you buy. Pomme Baby also offers curbside pickup for locals – no need to wake the baby and drag him inside, they’ll meet you in your car.

The food that Pomme Bebe prepares for children is divided into ages and stages. Intro foods are single food basics (6 months plus), multi food blends (8 months plus) and chunkier tots meals (12 months plus).  What all the foods have in common are the fabulous and fresh taste. At the recent Baby Celebration Show in LA I even observed adults going back for seconds. Besides me.

Pommebaby2 Even if you don’t live anywhere near Newport Beach, you can still enjoy this fabulous gourmet organic baby food for your baby. Pomme Baby Foods are available online ($3.25 – $4.50 per 4 oz jar) — flash frozen and shipped on dry ice to your doorstep. We recently received a shipment and found the food easy to defrost and just so much more colorful and delicious than any jarred supermarket baby foods. My crew of testers fought for tasting rights. Everyone loved the rainbow colored purees. It’s not every day that my kids fight over beets and pureed peas. I should note that the purees make a healthful addition into recipes for older kids as well, and if you don’t have the time or inclination to shop at the local farmer’s market and cook up your own organic purees to sneak a little healthfulness into your children’s diet, then you should check this company out as well.

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