Popchips are insanely delicious air-popped potato chips that are half the fat than regular potato chips. They aren’t baked or fried — the company takes potatoes, applies heat and pressure and seasonings to get these yummy popped chips. These chips contain no preservatives and come in Original, Barbecue, Sea Salt & Vinegar, Salt & Pepper and Parmesan Garlic. Depending on the flavor, you can have an astounding 19-22 popchips per serving with 120 calories, 4 grams of fat and zero saturated fat. Weight Watchers points per serving are 3 points. 

My favorite flavors were the Sea Salt & Vinegar and Barbecue. My preschooler, who is a chip fanatic, loved the original flavor the best (which left more Sea Salt & Vinegar for me!). Some of the chips contain soy and wheat and all are Kosher (some parve, some dairy). Popchips are available in 2 sizes; Single serve (1 ounce) bags and 3.25 ounce bags.

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