DesignerDiner.gifWhen you’re out at a restaurant with your tot, do you find it hard to keep them occupied? We usually bring a backpack filled with different activities, but our daughter is getting bored with the same ones! So when I recently brought the Designer Diner out with us to dinner, my daughter was thrilled and so were we!
The Designer Diner is a funky reversible mat that has a reusable chalk mat on one side and a laminated cloth mat on the other side that is easy to wipe clean. I love how the Designer Diner comes with its own detachable pouch that stays closed with Velcro and that holds the included, 12-piece box of non-toxic colored chalk. The Designer Diner is just the right size at 18” x 11” and stays closed with a gorgeous grosgrain ribbon that ties it together. There are many beautiful fabrics to choose from!
Let your little artist create their own masterpiece again and again! Use code ‘MOMMIESWITHSTYLE20‘ to save 20% off of your purchase.

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