I’m in awe. Absolute awe. The beauty of Babycakes of Scottsdale’s babycakes is astonishing. The perfect centerpiece for a baby shower, now that I’ve seen and touched one, my idea of a babycake has completely changed.
See, when I was in the “baby shower stage” (and, gosh, I’m dating myself a few years) baby cakes were pretty much diaper cakes. The ones that had nothing but cloth and dispie diapers in 3 layers with a few ribbons. Cute, kind of. But nothing really special.
Then, a sample of a Babycake of Scottsdale arrived. I pulled it out, seriously thinking it’d be just the image previously embedded in my head. What a shock this beauty was!
3 gorgeous layers of pink: onesies, bibs, cloth diapers. And we’re not talking plain and boring onesies… each one had a different image or message on it. Woven throughout and around the babycake were silk flowers, with the look that only a florist can achieve. Also included were a soft teddy bear, baby shoes and beautiful pink ornaments for the Christmas tree, and so much more. (To get an idea of the variety of beauty available by Babycakes of Scottsdale, check out images from their Showroom. If you’re in Scottsdale, make an appointment to stop by.)
Wrapped lovingly in tulle and topped with a Christmas tree topper and flowers, this Babycake sat as the centerpiece on my dining room table for several weeks. How could it not? It was more beautiful than most flower arrangements I put there.
Available in blue, pink and gender-neutral, Babycakes are created individually; each will differ. Missy and Jeremy London have commented that “Babycakes was considered one of our favorite baby gift items.” Babycakes were also gifted to the Jolie-Pitts, Tori Spelling and Marcia Cross… to name just a few modern families enjoying their cake. To order, I’d contact Hilary at Babycakes of Scottsdale. She’ll provide you with information about additional items that can be included in a Babycake. Use promo code babycakeswithstyle for 10% off any babycake purchase.
(btw, I hope neither of my sisters sees this. Once they finally find a guy, get married, and then get pregnant, this will definitely be the centerpiece at her shower!)


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