You know that whole saying, I need a vacation from my vacation?  Yeah, that.  Totally wiped out this morning after a fabulous 6 days in Orlando.

I’m missing the sunshine and my Mango Tequila slushie poolside at the Omni Champions Gate Hotel.  But between several busy days at the park and the travel day home yesterday, Mama needs a nap.

No rest for the weary though (damn, I’m just full of the idioms today, aren’t I) as it’s back to the gym, work and your regularly scheduled program.  (Ha!)


I’ll just leave you with this photo of my 9 year old.  This is pretty much sums up how I’m feeling right about now.  Arrgh.  (Took this one at the Crystal Palace in Magic Kingdom and this face was after I told him, yes, you have to take a picture with Tigger, Pooh & friends!)

Reviews coming soon!  And be sure to check out all of my more detailed travel reviews of the various parks and restaurants we hit on my travel site


  1. Big chuckles reading your synopsis of the ‘after-vacation’ blues. . . apt descriptions indeed. . .
    The back to reality check sure does make one appreciate vacations all the more. . and next one something to look forward to.
    Will enjoy reading your detailed reviews of the trip.

  2. Have already been on your Family Travel site!!! So much fun to read about your trip!!!

  3. We spent a weekend there a couple weeks ago and we’re headed back soon. I’m going through Disney withdrawal. Ha!

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