After a long drive home from the Outer Banks yesterday, I’m looking around my house at the rest of the Christmas decorations that have to be cleaned up, Christmas toys that have to be put away and other general clutter that I just don’t feel like dealing with.  Because this was my week last week (plus some wine, great adult company and lots of fun).  Can you blame me for being a little slow with re-entry into life?

Good times & great weather for tennis

Warm sun & sand for kids to play in

Sunset over the bay each night (and that little house you see there housed a hot tub!)


  1. great ‘ahhhh’ photos- love the tennis one too- a future Wilmbledon champ, perhaps?

  2. The Outer Banks is on my must travel to wish list! Never been to coastal N.C. We stayed at a gorgeous B&B in Asheville a couple of years ago.

    Yes, reality bites. 😉

  3. Come on over honey, we are aawlys burning a fire in the back yard and blasting music. Gotta love living in the semi-country. :-)I would just prefer to come visit you and we could have a bonfire there.

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