There’s rarely a more intimdating challenge in parenting than Potty-Training. True, my oldest is only almost-4, but as far as I’ve exprienced, this has been one of the most daunting events.
For months, you worry, you plan, you hear dreadful stories of the times it doesn’t work. And, for some of us, it does… others, it takes a few tries. And while its common to turn to the internet, friends and, sometimes, family, for advice, even easier would be having a handy potty-training book.
No, The Potty Training Answer Book won’t magically train your toddler, but it does answer every question I’ve ever heard asked. Written by Karen Deerwester, a family coach and well-known speaker in South Florida, The Potty Training Answer Book gets down and dirty offering real-world questions like “What can I do if my child is withholding poop?” and “Can I help my child become ready for potty training?”
Divided into 9 chapters with 4 appendices, The Potty Training Answer Book offers a variety of strategies, sets you up with a Potty Plan and introduces a list of activities, books and videos for you and your children to ease the Potty Training moments.
I love her improvised Potty Songs so much, that the book is sitting in the kids’ bathroom, so I can pull it out anytime we’re sitting for a while. (Which, ummm…, happens a lot with 2 boys: one Potty Trained and one Potty Training-in-Progress.)
The Potty Training Answer Book is available for $8.76 at and is eligible for free supersaver shipping when you spend $25.
Since you’re about to start potty-training, I recommend getting a book for the kids to read on the potty. Our family favorite is Alyssa Satin Capucilli’s The Potty Book for Boys (or The Potty Book for Girls).


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