This mama’s been having a hard time potty training her 3 year old daughter — but My Carry Potty ($32) has made my life a little easier. In fact, my little one, Allegra, is kind of obsessed with it and won’t leave home without it. She loves that it’s hers (since it’s pink, her big brother wants nothing to do with it), she can carry it herself around the apartment and in and out of the car. I like it because it is leak and odor proof (the lid is completely watertight – -nothing is going to drip out). I do wish that there was an insert so it could be a little easier to clean (though I’ve never had a problem cleaning out her “business” from it). Thank you My Carry Potty — you’ve made my little girl want to go to the potty!

Comes in 3 colors.

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Thank you to Regal Lager for providing a sample.

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