Here’s the deal. Normally, the word cute makes me cringe just a little. It’s like “nice” or “good”. It’s a non word word. A word that has been used so much to season girly conversations, that all the flavor has gone right out of it. But every once in while, something comes along and you just cannot help yourself. It pops right out and lingers above you, in a little comic style bubble “Cute!”. Like omigod!
poutbag.gif Well I’m having that moment with these new diaper tote bags from Pout. So much so that I am happy to take a hiatus from my usual leather bag wardrobe to carry one. Its the puffy little circles. The bag reminds me of a favorite ski parka. You know? Like the really cute one you wore on the senior ski trip?
Ok, I’ll stop. I don’t want to scare you or get myself committed. And there are actual practical considerations to discuss that make this bag highly recommendable. Like the fact that it is extremely easy to clean. Just wipe off the water resistant fabric and go. And I’m loving the fact that the (also adorably circle-quilted) changing pad has a built in strip of elastic that keeps it tidily folded when you tuck it into one of the many interior pockets. And then there is my favorite feature – the no slip grip pads on the underside of the shoulder straps. Hello brilliant innovation! Really, its the little things that make our mommy lives easier. Like a bag that stays on your shoulder. Finally. You’ll also find plenty of pockets, inside and out, and a key clip to keep you from those parking lot meltdowns. Everything is easy to see inside, as there is an aqua lining that reminds me of clear skies in Aspen and my favorite jewellery store. You girls know… Exterior colors include black and chocolate.
And then, as if all these features in a puffy tote package are not enough to make you swoon, let me tell you that it is light as a feather. Thank you again, says my back and my shoulder. Sadly cannot say the same about my “cute” toddler.
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