Baby christenings are a special time for new families; and special times call for special outfits.  As is tradition, I wanted Gianna to have a long, beautiful and girly white gown for her day.  I was lucky enough to receive a “Rosebuds and Lace” gown from Precious & Few Infant Wear.  And, just as their name states, their gowns are totally precious!

Precious & Few currently offers three gowns:

  • * the “Embroidered Gown” – a frilly gown with lots of lace trim
  • * the “Heirloom Coat Dress” – a vintage-inspired pleated coat dress with cotton slip
  • * the “Rosebuds and Lace” – a simple gown with cap sleeves and a few lace details

All three are beautifully crafted in either white linen or ivory silk and made in the US.  Inspired by an old Irish heirloom, Precious & Few was launched to offer beautiful gowns that could be passed down through a family, creating a new tradition.

My mother-in-law created my husband’s christening gown from her wedding dress – a very sweet and sentimental idea.  However, for those of us who aren’t as handy with a sewing machine or just couldn’t bear to cut up her wedding dress (it takes my breath away just thinking about it!), then Precious & Few offers gowns that are just as breathtaking (if not more). 

The christening gowns are offered in two different sizes (3 months or 6 months) and are all 37″ long.  Prices start at $295, and while this may seem a little steep, just think of how long this gown will last.  I definitely plan on passing this along through my family.  One other tradition in my family that I plan to continue is the embroidering of the baby’s name on the gown.  Each child that’s been baptized in it will have their name and birthdate embroidered along the bottom hem.  Gianna’s will be the first on this Precious & Few gown, but I’m sure not the last!

A Precious & Few product sample was provided for review on MWS.


  1. Thanks for sharing! The gown is really beautiful.

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