Surely, if you’re pregnant, you’re eyeing all the maternity fashion this summer and fall, because you are now entitled to a new wardrobe.
Find cute short and long sleeve t-shirts at Two Chix. I love their embellished comments like “what’s kickin’” and Daddy-tee “Look What I Did.” Wear these t’s and you’ll guarantee some definite chuckles and IRL LOLs (In Real Life Laugh Out Louds.)
New to 2Chix line-up, the V-neck Peek-a-boo tee. A short-sleeve, lightweight maternity shirt, accessorize it to dress up with jeans or a skirt, or be tres-cas when you wear it comfortably in big sib’s pick up line at school. The sheerness makes the oh-so-sexy, wear it over a tank or alone. Very soft, very form fitting (for a belly) the material is so stretchy it fits pre-pregnancy sizes 0-10 — it’ll fit from the tiniest bump through the 4th trimester (and all the humongo times in the middle.)
Get it at with discount code mommies10 for 10% off any website purchase, through July 31.

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