I’m holding out on summer, I have to. Its that lazy, comfortable and fresh feeling that I don’t want to loose. And how better to hold out than a cute little preppy tote, like this one from Bugface Belts, NYC? Last weekend I carried the minimum to Shabbat services in this bag, and it was so liberating. How long has it been since I went somewhere wtih 2 kids, and so little on my arm?! The bag fit my check-book sized wallet, lipstick, phone (turned off… it was Shabbat afterall), and keys, and I easily had room for a camera or a few small Hot Wheels should I have needed them. While it stands well on its own, there’s an interior zip pocket to hold valuables so they don’t fall out (like the watch that I never had a chance to get on my wrist).
The boys looked equally as preppy wearing Baby Bug belts: smaller sized belts with jacquard ribbon (Carson wore “Fred” and Wesley donned “Beatrice” <--don't tell him the bug had a girls' name!) And today I'm looking preppy chic again, wearing a Bugface Botanical belt (love it!) The stabilizer is much thicker than similar belts I’ve received, so it holds it size better. And the tortoise shell buckle makes it last beyond the summer season.
By the way, it totally cracks me up that on the Bugface Belts page there is an image of a little girl carrying the tote I used! What a great gift idea! Mother and Daughter can share a bag… or you can get the bigger, matching one for the mom.
Created by Today Show Stage Manager, a true prep, Kate Hollanda, she was making her own belts when friends suggested she go into a side business. Now she happily shares her prep with the world. She’s also announced more Bugface lines to come… so keep a look out.
Through October 1, 2008, use code mommies for 10% off your purchase. Start that holiday shopping in September!

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