Somethings up with me. This fall I have found myself reaching more and more for my “stroller” bags. I’ve redisovered Bumble Bags and am really loving their mom-friendly Jessica Messenger Style Bag.
Sure I adore my schmancy leather diaper bags, if you’ve read my reviews before you know how very much! But with all the park, preschool, and playdate “down and dirty” time, I’m not grabbing for the heavier, more delicate leathers as much. I find I need something that I can throw down on the ground at the foot of the slide, and feel reasonably sure it won’t be destroyed.
My check list of questions for the perfect “stroller bag” are:
1. Does it hang well on multiple styles of strollers?
2. Is it well organized with plenty of pockets and places to keep my diapers, wipes, keys, meds, toys, etc all available for quick retrieval?
3. Is it lightweight and comfortable to throw on my person quickly, if we hit the trails?
4. Is is durable (machine washable?!)
5. Is it cute?
The answer, to all of these questions is a resounding yes for the Jessica Bag by Bumble. It’s super cute in the pink paisley. I appreciate the soilproof lining and how well the bag wears. The bag comes with stroller clips and is comfortable in both messenger and backpack modes. It truly holds a ton and bonus points for the zip out changing station that keeps all the diapering stuff stashed away seperately and accessible in a flash in the event of a blow out.
Bumble’s got some great new style bags out this fall. Check out the Buzz collection and the Honey Collection as well (yes, I am drooling all over the Queen Bee for our non park days!).


  1. these bags are definitely good…some of my friends needed just the same type. thanks for posting

  2. Hi Ciaran,
    I just wanted to let you know that the bumble bags are in no way related to bumbleride strollers or
    Have a great day,
    Ryan @ bumbleride

  3. Tish Martin says

    Oh wow! Thanks for the mention about The Queen Bee bag. I just saw it and I love it! Its the ultimate diaper bag. I want it in black and gold.

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