princesses bows.JPGMy daughter was recently in a fashion show and when asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, she replied “a princess.” Okay, so my daughter is a little obsessed with the Disney Princesses. We did just get back from Disneyworld where she got made up to be a “real” princess and we’ve been invited to a few “dress up like a princess” birthday parties, but I was surprised when she called out princess for her occupation later in life. Let’s hope she aspires someday to be something more than this!
She loves dressing herself these days and she has to find a hair accessory every day to match what she is wearing. We have lots of bows that color coordinate with her outfits. But since receiving some Disney Princess bows, she has bypassed her color coordination obsession, as she now only wants to wear these! She LOVES wearing her Disney Princess Bows daily, and let me tell you, after an extensive search, I had not seen anything like these before. These bows are made with licensed Disney bottle caps. Each princess comes on a bow with her matching color. You can choose from: Cinderella (Blue polka dots), Belle (Banana polka dots), Ariel (Lilac with pink polka dots), Jasmine (Aqua polka dots), Snow white (red polka dots) and Aurora/sleeping beauty (white with pink polka dots). Each bow measures around 3 inches across (medium sized) and will have your daughter styling in no time! These bows are simply precious and even stay put in hair.
butterfly sparkles.JPGPrincess Bow Bow has some other beautiful hair accessories as well for babies, toddlers and older girls. Check out the gorgeous Baby Non-Slip Clippies as well as the elegant Mary Janes. Having trouble deciding which clip or bow size is best for your daughter? Then check out this helpful information.
Trust me, your daughter will be thrilled with these gorgeous hair accessories! And if she’s not, just send them our way. We’d be happy to add them to our collection!
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