project-box Its SO not too late to gift this one: a membership to the Project of the Month Club. Its not too late, that is, if you join by today. A winning gift for any crafty kid, Project of the Month Club offers a subscription to creative activities, delivered to the doorstep, and its made just for your recipient.

You select the number of children who will be crafting as well as the frequency and the style of project (available are Mix-N-Match for boys and girls ages 4-8, Master Builders for boy and girls ages 4-11, Future Designers for girls ages 7+, Aspiring Artists for boys and girls ages 7+ and Seismic Scientists for boys and girls ages 7+.  Then, throughout the duration of your program, kits will arrive by FedEx or UPS.

We received 2 sample projects and the supplies aren’t skimpy. You’re getting quality pieces to create quality projects. What’s more, a subscription to doesn’t just give you projects. It gives you the ability to create memories, because these are projects you’ll want to work on with your kids. They’re fun. And just as fun are the fantastic outcomes of creating together.

Membership packages start at $132 for 4 projects (for one child) and go to $695 (for 3 children, totally 36 projects). There are plenty of projects in between and their membership pricing page lays it all out for you. Plus, you can use Promo Code 80304 – save 10%.

Thanks to Project of the Month Club for the samples for this review.


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