napsac.gif I recently took my 2-month old son on a weekend visit to see a girlfriend in Seattle. The plane ride was only a little over two hours, but since I was traveling by myself, I worried about carrying all the stuff the weekend would require. My clothes, his clothes, umbrella (it is Seattle), diapers, wipes, noise machine, pack-n-play, stroller, car seat…I had visions of the looks of sympathy I would receive trying to lug all this and a kid through the airport by myself. Then two fortuitous events occurred: first, my girlfriend was able to borrow a car seat which allowed me to leave the car seat and the stroller at home; second, I met the Nap-Sac. In my life as a product-tester, there have been very few products I have come across that truly have blown me away – the Nap-Sac by Lilly Gold definitely makes the list. Instead of being burdened by luggage and gear, I traveled with one suitcase, my son in a Bjorn and the Nap-Sac for my weekend away.
The Nap-Sac is a combined diaper bag, changing station and portable bassinet. Unfolded, it works as a four-sided bassinet with a padded bottom and two zebra-print sheets. Collapse the sides in, zip it up and fold the bag in half and it’s easily carried over the shoulder or messenger-style across the body. Made of durable nylon canvas, the bag is surprisingly light, even with all six of the expandable pockets packed full. It doubled as my purse and was able to carry everything my son and I needed on the plane including my wallet, cosmetic case, reading material, extra clothes, diapers, wipes, and blankets.
My first test of the Nap-Sac came in the airport bathroom for a quick change of my son’s blow-out diaper (moments before boarding the plane, of course). Easy to set-up and access diapers and wipes in the surrounding pockets, I was especially thankful for the one waterproof, zippered pocket to contain his soiled outfit. Once on the plane, I was also pleasantly surprised to find that it fit nearly perfectly across the airplane seats (I did have a whole row to myself). This allowed for easy in-seat in-flight diaper changes and a place for me to put my son down when he eventually tired of peek-a-boo with the seatmate behind us. If this wasn’t convenient enough, in all of the pockets surrounding my sleeping child, I had everything I needed, easy to reach and close at hand. Swaddle blanket? Check. Magazine? Lip gloss? No prob. Extra socks or binky? Right here. No rifling through multiple bags. No pulling items out of overhead storage. Though it helped that my son made nary a peep the whole time, the Nap-Sac made my flight almost enjoyable. Once we arrived at our destination, my son happily called the Nap-Sac home for his naps and nighttime slumber. I was glad to have him safe and contained for sleeping and cutting out the weight and set-up of a pack-n-play made traveling simpler, lighter and easier.
The Nap-Sac is the brainchild of mother, grandmother and entrepreneur Lilly Gold. Motivated by the birth of her first grandchild and the sub-par quality of the available kid’s gear she saw, Gold began developing a number of innovative multi-tasking products to make life with kids-especially traveling with kids-easier. “My team and I develop the products that every parent looks for-products that fill a need while having multiple uses-getting the most for their money and not sacrificing safety or design,” says Gold. “The Nap-Sac came about after I took my granddaughter to a Neiman Marcus Last Call Sale as an infant. She was on the floor of the dressing room on a blanket amongst the pins. At the same time I realized how dirty the pull down changing tables in the public bathrooms were. I went home and designed a diaper bag that would hold her safely on floors, chairs, tables, or changing surfaces.”
So say goodbye to lugging around a pack-n-play. Bid adieu to carrying a separate travel bed, diaper bag and changing pad. Whether you’re visiting grandma by plane or just going across the street for dinner with friends, the Nap-Sac in red or black is a must-have for making traveling with young infants easier. Also check out the Nap-Sac Backpack in black or camo that allows you to carry the bag as a shoulder bag or backpack.
Lilly Gold is offering Mommies With Style readers 10% off listed prices and free shipping if you order any Lilly Gold products (including her award-winning Sit ‘n’ Stroll) through and enter code “Stylemoms08”. Pick one up now for all your spring and summertime travels.


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    Through your link to Lilly gold for the nap sac travel bed changing station…do u have a current coupon code other then Stylemoms08? That code does not work??

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