People always ask me what a good gift is for a baby shower. And most of the time, I answer that in my own opinion, I think there are two good options. You can shop off a baby registry — it’s safe and it’s always appreciated as it’s obviously something they picked out themselves.
But Moms who have been around the block often want to give something a little more “unique.” In this case, you can put together a basket/bag full of goodies that you have used or found to be very helpful from your own personal experiences. I just loved what my own sister-in-law gave me at my own baby shower over three years ago: a bassinet full of little items she had used and found helpful when her children were babies. (her preferred diaper rash cream, the only brand of binkies her kids would take, her kids favorite board books, etc.)
The past few baby showers I’ve been to, I’ve stuffed diaper bags with useful items. One item I recently read and think would be something appropriate as a filler in a Mom-to-be diaper bag is this book, Moms’ Lifesavers. Written by two experienced Moms, it’s a quick read with important essentials about having kids. Some of the tips may be obvious to seasoned Moms – but not Moms to be. We all know how harrowing and inexperienced you can feel when you first have a baby. The tips in this book are great – helpful, and just that – tips. No long book to try and get through (who has time for that with a screaming baby!) but rather well laid-out chapters and short sections that are helpful for referencing.
You can buy it off Amazon for $14.95 or directly off the Moms’ Lifesavers site. Buy it for yourself, buy it for a pregnant Mom friend or buy it to fill a baby shower gift.

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