I’m so in love with Quinny Strollers. I have been since I blamed the Quinny Buzz for making me get pregnant with my fourth child. I reviewed the Original Buzz last year and now I’m reviewing the updated Quinny Buzz 4. I’m thrilled to say that it just keeps getting better.

What’s Changed:

The new Quinny Buzz has 4 wheels instead of 3. It keeps the stroller more stable and more smooth. I felt the difference most when pushing the stroller up the curb. You know that moment when you have the front end up on the curb and you lift the back up? The weight of the stroller is resting on the front wheel for an instant… I would not say the stroller was exactly unsteady in a three wheel version, but I did feel like I had to really “watch it” on uneven terrain when performing this sort of maneuver. Or turn the stroller around and roll up backwards. With the four wheel version, I feel more secure and no need to back it up.
There is also an improved locking feature for the stroller when folded. Because this stroller literally unfolds itself, it’s reassuring to have a good lock when the stroller is folded!
The Quinny Buzz 4 stroller also comes with an additional larger seat cover, perfect for use with older toddlers. It is washable and durable and gives an older kiddo a slightly larger seating surface.
What Has Not Changed:
The smooth ride, the hydraulic “auto unfold”, the overall quality, stability and durability of Quinny, and of course, the good looks. The seat still can face forward or backward and the stroller is elevated, making it the perfect height to push right to the table when dining out. I love the modern lines, saturated colors and sleek styling that the Quinny Buzz team has stuck to over the years. The Buzz 4 also still works with the adorable and practical Quinny Dreami Carrycot and the Maxi Cosi Mico Carseat for those looking for a longterm travel system.
The Quinny 4 still comes with that ultra cushy neoprene seat cover that both my sons have adored. It’s the “nap stroller” of choice and sometimes I find myself wishing someone would push me around the mall in a big squishy reclining neoprene seat. That’s the life, huh? We can fit a fair amount of stuff in the underseat storage basket, however we’ve added on the excellent Buzz Box to our stroller frame. This integrated stroller bag is perfect for diapers, snacks, change of clothes etc. We’ve also added a cup holder. I recommend these dedicated accessories as they make this stroller even more pleasant for you to push and both can stay attached even when the bag is folded, making your life easier. No need to worry about whether you have diapers etc.
We’ve had a lot of strollers come and go over the years. I’m not one to suggest that there is one stroller that fits absolutely everyone. But I will tell you that the Quinny comes pretty close! Infant to toddler, rough terrain or smooth – this SUV of a ride is probably the single stroller that has seen the most use in our family. It’s parked in our dining room at all times, able and ready for action!
For a list of stores that stock the Quinny Buzz 4 and more info, see the Quinny USA website.


  1. I love Quinny Buzz pushchairs!
    I agree with you that the 4 wheel version is much more sturdy and feels a lot ‘safer’ (even though the Buzz 3 is still great).

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