Happy to report that I finished my first race of 2013 this morning!  I ran the St. Patrick’s Day 5k here in West Chester.

I definitely wasn’t out to beat any records today as 8 am was feeling pretty early as I got ready to go and I almost didn’t make it. But I got motivated since my friend Jo-Lynne was headed down too and I had a nice run in the end! I came in just over 30 minutes, which definitely wasn’t my best time but I got it done and was happy to get out and be done before 9 am!

My only regret is that they were having a big after party at the local Irish Pub but I got in my car and went home instead of checking it out. Boo to me! Don’t know what my problem was. Although Mimosas and green beer at 8:30 probably would have made me pretty unproductive the rest of today so at least I can say I’m functional 🙂

Wish I had snapped more photos too. As an Irish girl, it was pretty empowering and fun to run in a sea of a green. I paced myself for much of the run behind some tall dude in a green afro wig. Love the spirit! Happy St. Paddy’s Day all!

Here I am post race back home.  I’m supposed to take a  pict of every race for this 13 in 2013 thing I’m doing.  Loved this one the best because of the 6 year old photo bomb.



  1. great pic! good for you on completing your first 2013 race! love the green too. . .

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