Img_2500I was interested in getting a tricycle for my toddler, but since we live in NYC, space is an issue. The solution was Radio Flyer ‘s Fold 2 Go: Fold & Go Tricycle (retails between $44.99 and $59.00). It comes FULLY ASSEMBLED (a plus!), it’s made of steel, and has a little yellow storage bucket. I was thrilled that it folds up so easily (just flip up the safety latch and pull up). I store it in a closet, but you can hang it on a wall too (just get a good long hook).

I had originally wanted a tricycle that I could store in my stroller’s storage basket (so my son could Img_2498ride it in the park), but
once I saw this fold-up tricycle from Radio Flyer, I was hooked. My son instantly loved this tricycle and was able to ride it right out of the box. While it doesn’t fold up small enough to fit in a stroller basket, if I am taking both of my children to the park, I can put it into an empty seat on my double, and either have Img_2593toddler walk or wear the baby. Or my husband can carry it, while I have both of our kids in the double stroller.

Another option is to put it in your trunk and drive to the park. I was able to store it in my trunk easily, even with a double stroller and a packed trunk. I was  also pleased I could carry it with one hand. A good idea would to start good habits now and introduce a helmet. This tricycle is suitable for kids ages 1 1/2 to 3 years.

Go to for info on where to buy.

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