My toddler is having a ball with Radio Flyer’s Sport Coupe Ride-On Car ($99.99). He loves cruising around our apartment in this gleaming red classic ride-on car which comes with an fun light-up electric dashboard. You can play the "radio", which is a bunch of short catchy songs that I even end up humming at times. You can also use the "turn signal" and the "starter key", as well as the spinning steering wheel and honking horn. His favorite thing is the car door that opens and closes. The removable gas cap is also a cool feature. The lights and the grill are terrific realistic looking sticker decals. Img_2873

This ride-on does great outside – if you need to, you can attach a "push" handle to the back. There is a retractable child
footrest, which will make it easier if you want to push your child in it.  Recommended ages are 1- 3 and the weight limit is 40 pounds.

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  1. my son actually got this as a 1st birthday present. he LOVED it but i must caution you about the door. it doesn’t have a safety latch nor does it have a seat belt. my son pushed the door open, felt out and hit his head. he is fine, but we filed a complaint with radio flyer to recall it due to safety. it’s the coolest but definately not the safest.

  2. We also got this for my son’s first birthday. He loves it! The gift was from Grandma who made a seat belt to go in it – I highly recommend doing this b/c my son also likes to open the door while moving. My mom looked around and it seems most of these cars do not have seatbelts.

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