I was all inspired after seeing a picture someone posted to Pinterest last week.  My kids are huge fruit eaters and I showed them a picture of a platter of fruit lined up in an array that it looked like a rainbow.  Of course they immediately wanted to make some at home so we headed off to our local produce store and this is what we came up with!  Cute, right?

It was really easy to do!  Just get the following fruit, cut it up and you’re done!

Clouds: Marshmallows
Red: Strawberries
Orange: Cantaloupe
Yellow: Mango
Green: Kiwi
Blue:  Blueberries
Purple:  Red Grapes
Pot of Gold: Sliced Bananas


  1. I see Nate’s artistry and Cole’s love of cooking there!!! A true food stylist and chef!!! What a great team!!! It’s AWESOME!!!!

  2. Cute – and delicious!

  3. Fabulous edible rainbow!. .love the clouds too. . how clever… and fun to make too.


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