Is your laptop due for a makeover? Is your significant other growing impatient with staring at the blank back of your screen while you spend time online at Mommies With Style (doing vital research and networking, of course). Well then I have just the thing for you. Thanks to Schtickers you can not only decorate your laptop, you can customize the decor. Just think of it as a screensaver for the other side of your screen. And a potential lifesaver for your relationship schtickers.jpg
The stock designs at Schtickers (everything from leopard print to Van Gogh) are amazing but I really love the idea that you can upload your very own pictures and art. Your own Schtick. Think of the possibilities. You can take your kids photos and drawings and turn them into a chic functional new facade for your laptop. Send them as gifts to friends and relatives for the holidays. Or how about this – advertise your small business while typing away at Starbucks. Or, slap a big pic of your smiling significant other on there. How could someone ever get angry with you while staring at a picture of themselves, right? Cheaper than therapy too.
Unlike other Laptop stickers, Schtickers are the only stickers that are reusable – they apply and peel off easily without damaging your computer. Leaving you free to change your mind, and your schtick at will. Mommies With Style enter code Mommies for 10% off your order.

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