We just can not get enough books in this house. I’ve always loved to read, and it’s clear that my 4-year-old is steering in the same direction. He’d pick up a book any day when given the choice of being read to or to watch tv.
So as a result, we already have an entire full size bookshelf full of various books, many of which are from Barefoot Books. Our favorite is still I Dreamt I was a Dinosaur, which is one of the Barefoot Books. They used to carry it at Pottery Barn Kids- I don’t see it there anymore but you can get it on Amazon or find it directly on the Barefoot Books site.
What’s nice too is that so many of their books are offered in different styles, board book for the babies (chew, chew) and paperback and hardcover for the older kids who don’t want to rip the pages out as you read to them.
Other books from their line that we love include: Bear About Town, How Loud is a Lion?, Elusive Moose, and Alligator Alphabet. Order many of the books in Spanish!
Their stories are really fresh and imaginative, great for young kids. Check them out – they seem to always have great prices with ongoing sales so be sure to visit the sale page to see what deals are going on today.

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