For whatever reason, when I hear “Ramalama” my brain says “Ding Dong!”
So when I heard about a new leather diaper bag by this name from an Aussie company, I was all ready to greet to the UPS guy. I was anxious in fact. This bag looked so promising. Would they deliver?
Ava_Choc.jpgAnd then one morning he came. Ding! The bell rang and I raced to unpack what was a significantly lighter weight package than I had been expecting. Selling point number one: This bag is probably the lightest weight leather diaper bag that I have ever tested. Good news for my sore shoulder. I already cart around a 35 lb toddler.
I unpacked the bag, and unlike some that I am slower to warm to, it took me about ten seconds to fall in love with Ramalama. It’s charms were all immediately evident. From the supple and lightweight leather, to the detailed multiple exterior and interior pockets,high quality hardware and overall attention to detail, this was a bag that was raring to go. Ding Ding! Again I heard bells – starting bells. And off I raced to the other room to dump out the contents of the bag I was using that day.
Packed up with a diaper clutch, sippy cup, make up case, oversized wallet, biz card case, snack and change of toddler clothes, there was still somehow a little room in the Ramalama Ava bag that I tested. I was quite surprised at the roominess. It definitely appears more like a lightly structured tote/purse than a diaper bag. And yet it stuffs like a champion, again thanks to the soft leather. It also stays on the shoulder and tucks into the body thanks to the adjustible straps. Getting that fit just right is critical in a tote style diaper bag. All the bags include a paci/key clip and changing mat.
Have I mentioned how utterly chic and undiaperbaggish this bag looks? I know I have but it bears mentioning twice! In addition to the Ava, I am in love with the looks of the Drew and the Hannah.
Ding Ding Ding! Ladies – we have a winner! It’s winning bells I am hearing now. For $400 or less this is one high end luxury bag that will serve a mom well both now and later, without completely bankrupting the college account. It’s still not cheap but Mommy, you are worth it. As are these excellent bags from Ramalama. And here’s a little more incentive to treat yourself:
Mommies With Style use the coupon code ramalama20 to save 20% off your entire purchase when you purchase a Ramalama bag from My Little Ducks.

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