So I was out at the mall yesterday trying to finish up most of my Christmas shopping. Lately, I’ve been thinking “that’s worth a review” more often than not. A couple totally random items I noticed yesterday include:
Willow Tree
Willow Tree figurines. I saw these at the Hallmark store – years ago, my sister in law got me one of these angels. I think they are so simple and beautiful looking. I love that they are so generic so the interpretation of the figure can be left up to the beholder. (whether they are angels to you, or just a pretty statue, or represent something deeper)
I have to say, I couldn’t stop staring at this figure of the mother with two boys for obvious reasons. There’s of course mother and daughter, grandmother and grandson and more. They definitely are a particular style to be sure of who you are gifting them to (one friend said their lack of facial features creeped her out but I think they are beautiful). The ones I was looking at ran anywhere from $18-24, so they are definitely affordable little gifts.
A store for everyone
The Discovery Store has so many great toys for kids and adults of all ages. I really can’t think of anyone of any age who wouldn’t enjoy the Planet Earth set. We watch this show as a family pretty often and it’s a great educational program for everyone. It’s also one of Oprah’s picks for the holiday season.
Along the same lines, you can get the Blue Planet DVD set or MeerKat Manor. (reality tv in nature!) Plus there are so many great educational type “toys” for all in that store. Thre’s free shipping on orders over $75 if you buy online.
And I have yet to find a Peppermint Bark better than the one made by Williams-Sonoma. I seriously live for this stuff every holiday season. Last year, I was so bad that I went back after Christmas and bought a bunch on clearance. I was eating it into the spring. Maybe that explains those “last 10 pounds” I can’t get rid of. It’s not cheap but it’s so worth it.
They also have amazing hot chocolate (you put the shavings right into the hot milk to melt) that you can make with their hot chocolate frother – the pair makes a great gift. You really just can’t go wrong in that store.
Something for the PO guy.
And what’s everyone getting for their mailman? Mine goes above and beyond his call of duty with the amount of packages he has to lug up to my front steps. I ended up getting him a Starbucks gift card (last year was iTunes).
Filling those stockings
Restoration Hardware has an awesome collection of “little” items perfect for stockings. Check them out because they have a ton of fun old-school items that aren’t too pricey.


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