I’m so sad today. My last kiddo went off to school this morning and while I’ve done some serious celebrating in previous years on this day, I’m only feeling sad right now.

So far I’ve distracted myself with a 10,000 meter row-for-relief challenge at my local Orangetheory for Hurricane Harvey relief and I decided I’d do a random post with my thoughts before I dive into my real work. Because it’s been awhile!


On summer being over. While it was crazy, I still really enjoyed the time with my boys and the house is feeling too quiet today with everyone gone. I’m really going to miss having pool time with them and hearing their laughter.

Juggling work and kids this summer was a challenge, so in that regard, it’s good that we are allback to a routine. I’ve been quiet with blogging most of the summer but I’ve been working a ton for this awesome company, Smarty Social Media. In fact, last month I hit one year!

While being your own boss is thrilling and awesome in many ways, I never realized how much missed the camaraderie of an office. I was shocked to learn that adore being a part of a team. It helps that everyone there is wonderfully supportive, smart and just generally awesome to work with too, but I’m loving having a combo of both in my life. I still have my blog and social media work here but it’s nice to have a steady paycheck and cool people tobe smart with on a daily basis.

On re-focusing on health. I started a juice cleanse today. I have done Blueprint cleanse in the past and shared with you guys a couple of times but this round, I decided to try a local-to-Philly company called Satya Juice. I’m only doing two days so far and I’m only in two juices in but so far so good! They’re cheaper than Blueprint, the juice is fresher and they deliver to my house! I’ve also loved the taste of the two I’ve had so far more than Blueprint so we’ll see how the rest of the day goes! I’ll bring you guys a separate review about it when I’m done.


I have been drinking/eating/whatever way too much this summer and I’m using the new fall routine to get back to healthy eating and a regular workout routine so I’m using this cleanse to kick start.

That’s about it for now! I do plan on getting back to it a bit here more this fall so hopefully you’ll hear from me again soon! I’m going to let myself be sad about the boys being off at school and then embrace my new scheduled routine with some good things in my life. Thanks for reading, friends 😉


  1. Loved reading this Whitney! I love fall…getting back into a routine…
    This year was different for us as the summer was so short and the kids started a month ago…and with the move there wasn’t really a routine..but I read your post and I feel it. Thanks for bring me back to Exton! XO

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