It’s been one of those months. Someone asked me how work was lately and I replied, “I’m treading water,” which is a perfect description of how I’ve gotten along lately. Just barely getting it done.

I hope to catch up this week and start bringing you guys some more regular posts again soon as it seems to be letting up!

So here’s what’s been going on:

I continue to host Twitter parties regularly and would love for you guys to give me a follow on my account {@WhitneyMWS}. I’m hosting several a month and there are always awesome prizes to give away!

My 6th grader was confirmed a little over a week ago! That was a biggie. He made the switch from our local parish school this year to public so he had to do the CCD thing which was a squeeze into our already tight schedule. I’m so proud of him.

The obvious: I’ve redesigned! I still have to work out the kinks (the logo is too big, I know) but my two main goals with a new design were: SIMPLICITY and gaining some of my own control back in the back end of the tech side of the website. The last few times I’ve redesigned, it’s gotten complicated and the little bits put into making the site function were over my head.Which is a problem when you’re long done with a designer and want to make a tiny change.

Here’s a little snapshot of the logo with some of the new buttons:

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 2.39.12 PM

I went with a really simple theme I am hoping I can edit regularly myself with my own moderate tech skills. What do you guys think? One of the comments people had made with the last design was that the font was tough to read – it was gray. So I went back to black which I love.

I also can’t concentrate because I’m reading a lovely weird book right now called Night Circus. It’s such a strange story and after hearing friends rave about it, and seeing that it has 5 stars on Amazon, of course I wanted to give it a whirl. It started out slowly but it crept up on me and now I’m obsessed. I’m almost done and have been savoring the last bit because I hate when a good book ends, don’t you?

We’re off to Disney World next week for the Disney Social Media Moms conference and the kids are through the roof excited! I’m thrilled to be spending another Mother’s Day in Disney – they always make it so special.

Hopefully once I finish that and get the new design squared away, I’ll be back to the grind and bringing some new reviews before we take off for Orlando. Got anything for me that I should be checking out? What’s the last thing you bought?

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