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Like everyone else and their mother, I’ve been caught up in the hustle of end of year schedules the last couple of weeks. Nate is no longer a 6th grader as his last day was Friday. He proceeded to spend the weekend thrilled to start his summer, only to have a mishap at the pool last night and end up with five stitches in his knee.

He can barely walk today although thankfully nothing is broken. (They x-rayed him last night to be sure) He banged himself up pretty nicely though and is not supposed to go in the water for the next 17 days. Which is pretty phenomenal bad-timing as summer vacation started today and we were planning on a lot of pool time anda trip to the Adirondacks and a lake before those 17 days are up.

Cole’s still in school this week though, plus I have three Twitter parties and a wedding in real life so saying it’s busy is an understatement!

Twitter parties
I’d love for y’all to join me on any of my Twitter parties this week though so I thought I’d share that for anyone who’s on Twitter:

Tuesday, June 14th I’ll be hosting with @crowdtappers and Aveeno – the hashtag is #AVEENODad and we’ll be partying at 4pmET. Join in with me – I’m @WhitneyMWS. Crowdtap always gives away great prizes.

Wednesday, June 15th I’ll be hosting with Johnson’s Baby and @crowdtappers – the hashtag is #LittleWonders and we’ll be kicking off at 8pmET that evening.

Thursday, June 16th, you can find me along with @crowdtappers and Advil talking about headaches and how to #HalttheHeadache at 9pmET.

New writer
You’ll be seeing a new weekly column starting soon from my niece Abbie! She’s in college and has a great sense of style and an eye for photography. She’s got that 20-something hip knowledge that flies over my 40-something head so look for some fun new content coming from her soon!

Lastly, if you haven’t yet entered, we have this yo-yo giveaway going that not many people have entered so you have good odds if you do enter it.

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