wataah I’m a big water mom. The kids bring water to school every day for lunch (juice boxes rarely enter or leave our house.) And at meals and snack time, the kids know they have 2 choices for drinks: water or milk.

Of course, I naturally wanted to try out a new water.  I wasn’t sure what to expect. I mean, water is water, right? Well, kind of. WAT-AAH is water with a bonus. Its water with minerals infused into it to enhance your well-being. WAT-AAH offers 4 choices: Energy, Body, Bones and Brain. While “Body” is straight, pure water, the other three have minerals (like Magnesium in “Bones” to strengthen the bones.)

There is really no difference in taste. The kids never would have known they weren’t drinking our regular water from SAMS Club, had they not been drinking from really cool bottles. The packaging includes easy to handle, crisp bottles with a bright label and a cool kid on it. Getting kids’ attention, of course. Making it cool to drink healthy water.

WAT-AAH was created to give kids a cool, healthy alternative to sodas and juices. And with no artificial coloring or sugars, but still with a cool look, WAT-AAH is a great option for water-friendly households, and even more for households that want to become water-friendly.

Thanks to WAT-AAH for the sample bottles as well as the fun extras like t-shirts and tattoos that were sent for this review.


  1. While I agree it is important for our children to drink plenty of water, have you considered using reusable bottles and home filtered water instead? Consider the environmental impact of all those bottles.

  2. Experience is the best teacher.

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