We are on day 1,453,380 of quarantine…ok it’s day 15 but who’s counting. We are alllllll bored and looking for some new games to play. We usually like quick games because we are always on the move. But now with all this time on our hands, we are ready to tackle some more strategic games. Ravensburger has some amazing games for this. High quality, strategic, fun family games. Here are some that we tried out that will for sure beat the boredom.


I have never played Minecraft before, but the kids have and love it. I was unsure about this game at first, but we ended up loving it! It is a strategic game of collecting materials and building biomes. You gain experience points by building and defeating enemies. It does take a little time to get familiar with the game, but after the first time it was easy. The kids were able to play on their own without help. Here is a YouTube video that we used to learn how to play.

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We have completed a bunch of puzzles in the past weeks. Problem is when we are done we don’t have much use from the. What is awesome with this 3D puzzle, is when you are done it becomes a pencil holder! The puzzle has numbers on the pieces so it is easy to follow along. The kids did this one by themselves with just a bit of help. Loved the quality and the function of the puzzle.

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Oh My Gourd! is a cute and engaging family gardening game! Grow a giant gourd with the help of your gardening tools and a Lucky Ladybug, but watch out! Protect your garden from unwanted guests and give it everything a growing gourd needs to win! This is a great strategic game for the whole family. Easy to learn and only about 15-20 min to play.


The kids could not wait to open Gravitrax! It did not disappoint! There is a book of instructions for different tracks you can build, or you can make up your own. There are tracks you can build to race the marbles or ones that are multi-level to watch the marble soar through. This kept the kids occupied for hours. As a STEM toy, it felt very educational with physics and architecture. It was a great way to get the kids off their devices and still learn. They also have add on sets to keep the fun going!

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These games are sure to occupy the family for hours of fun! Check out the games in action on our YouTube channel!

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