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So I’m still here. I took a beautiful 6 days off over the long weekend with the family down in Marco Island, Florida {hotel: Marriott Marco Island}. It was glorious. The first few days were in the high 60s and a bit windy so not exactly tropical but it beat being at home in the ice and snow. And then these last few days – perfect. High 70s – not too hot, not too cold. As we pulled away from the resort yesterday to head home, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the car Toyota lent us {Toyota Hybrid Highlander} was saying the outside temp was 74.

Today I’m slow to re-entry back in cold and snowy Philadelphia.  Gotta head to church for Ash Wednesday, try and get a run in at the gym to work off the many margaritas I drank while down there and at some point squeeze in groceries all while freezing my butt off and wishing I were back in the sun & sand.  If you’re not following me on Instagram, you can check out some of my beach vacation photos over there {@WhitneyMWS} and I’ll be back to the regularly scheduled program soon.  (Can you guys hear me sadly typing this?!  Who wants to move to Florida with me?)


  1. Patty Guzman says

    I’m all in!!! My hypothalamus (is that my temp regulating brain part??) is in a tizzy. It prefers Florida!

  2. Just say the word and we’re back in the sunshine state right along with you guys.

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