ameda purely yours ultra There is nothing like a good breast pump. I used to cry pumping with a manual pump. It was the most depressing feeling in the world. I was sitting all alone in the bathroom while my husband and newborn were playing downstairs. And pumping (manually) took forever.

Until I purchased an electric breastpump by Ameda. What a difference the electric breast pump made. Suddenly I could pump quickly, adjusting the strength and speed. With a little practice, I could type while pumping. It was so easy to adjust for comfort and speed. I was filling bottles in minutes.

From personal experience, pumping takes practice. And it takes dedication. You have to realize that you’re adding a breastfeeding session to your regular schedule–which you will have enough milk produced to do as long as you’re consistent in it to build up your supply.

Happy to already have a valuable pump, I didn’t even consider the need for a new one. Until I was reminded that my old Ameda, the Purely Yours, was created before this whole BPA thing broke out and since I warm up the milk in the bottles before feeding, I realized I would need all new bottles and, probably, a pump. I didn’t consider the other brands because I was so in love with my Ameda from the past. The great news is that Ameda responded to the BPA crisis and reintroduced the Purely Yours to be BPA free. Of course, needing a new one, I’m sampling the Purely Yours Ultra which comes with Custom Fit Flanges.

That’s a new word for a new-to-pumping mama, I’m sure. Flanges are the part of the pump that grasps the breast. Its also the part that can hurt or can leak if its too tight or loose. Which is why the custom fit is so so helpful. Each kit comes with 3 different sizes  so you can use the one that’s best for you (and your breast size will change throughout your pumping career, so be don’t toss the 2 you’re not using).  The Ultra also includes adjustable suction and speed for each pump (there are 2 so you can quickly pump both breasts at the same time.) And, when ordering the full kit, you’ll receive a chic carry bag, cold case, car adapter (you will SO use this on vacation!) and more. Its an investment… but if you’re set on pumping its totally worth it.

Buy it at Ameda Baby and receive free shipping on orders over $39.

To read some breastfeeding tips for working Moms from Ameda, continue reading.

Working Moms and Breastfeeding:
A recent study indicates that only 36 percent of U.S. babies are breastfed through six months. One major reason why moms stop breastfeeding early is a return to the workforce. Following are some tips and advice from Ameda to help moms have a successful breast pumping experience in the office.

• Start pumping once a day, three to four weeks before you return to work. Not only will this allow you to build up a reserve of milk in your freezer, it gives you plenty of time to practice and feel comfortable with your pump

• Talk to your boss about in-office pumping. Having a discussion about where and how often you’ll be pumping, as well as where you plan to store your milk, will eliminate confusion and uncertainty on both ends. If your company doesn’t have a lactation room, ask to use a private office, empty conference room or lounge.

• Invest in the best breast pump you can afford. A good pump does a better job expressing milk, while ineffective pumps leave breasts more full, which can slow milk supply. For moms working full time, the best choice is usually an automatic double pump like the Ameda Purely Yours Ultra. The Ultra uses hospital-grade technology, is lightweight and offers custom features that allow working moms to pump efficiently and effectively

• Keep in mind that the situation is temporary. Breast pumping at work isn’t always easy, but just remember that most moms stop sometime between their baby’s ninth and twelfth months, and that your baby is benefitting from your extra effort

Source: Ameda Breastfeeding Products. For more tips and information about breastfeeding and breast pumping, visit

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