Editor’s Note: I wrote this last week and never had a chance to share it with you guys! See below for some goodies and a recap of our trip to Disney earlier this month.

We’re still recovering over here from our recent trip down to Disney for the Disney Social Media Moms conference. Walking around the parks and park hopping is no joke, ya ‘all. I am still exhausted several days later.

Jon was wearing his Fit Bit and we walked anywhere from 8-12 miles a day, according to his Fit Bit App. I find that hard to believe but other people seemed to confirm the same – it was lots of walking for sure.

This tripranks up as one of our top favorite trips to Disney World. It only ties with the time we went when Cole was 18 months old and had to hug every character he saw. That was pretty spectacular.

This time around, with two boys ages 12 and 9, we could do just about anything. They wanted to go on ALL THE RIDES which we more or less managed to do.

I’m calling this one the Disney Dabbing trip, because on most rides, someone in our party was trying to time a dab with the photo. You just know we’re going to look back at these photos in a few years and wonder what the heck we were thinking…

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 2.42.47 PM
Expedition Everest (Animal Kingdom) – Nate for the dab in the back row

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 2.36.14 PM

Group dab with Leticia‘s family in Hollywood Studios

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 2.38.23 PM
Family dab on Test Track at Epcot

Other highlights or things worth noting from our trip:

We had dinner at Teppan Edo in Japan in Epcot’s World Showcase one night. It was fabulously good fun. Love hibachi anytime but there was something about dining in “Japan” that made it extra fantastic.

When we walked out of dinner, we caught the tail end of a Gin Blossoms concert. (Hello 1993!) That’s the second time we’ve caught a really cool concert at the outside venue in America. The first time was last year when we heard a group called the American Music Machine, a fun a cappella group that we happened upon and fell in love with. I got to hear them again this year and was thrilled when they closed out our day of conferences.

If you’re ever in Epcot, seeing if they are playing in the US is worth checking out for sure.

There’s some new things in Disney that you should check out if you are going:

Star Wars Launch Bay, in Hollywood Studios. This interactive stop gives you a chance to mingle with Jawas, check out movie props and meet and greet some of the Star Wars characters.

We had such fun! As I recover, I’ll bring you more posts and shares from the trip.

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