Here’s a cute holiday gift for the younger Wii users that just released on October 14th.
Penny Racers Party is a racing game (duh) that allows you to customize the car you race with info various officially licensed cars including Honda, Nissan, Mazda and Toyota. And you are literally racing penny racer sized cars.
We had a hard time with it at first – the menu posed a challenge for us, but only because it uses some different buttons than we’re used to. (If you check this game out – everything’s with the 1 and 2 remote button). Once we were in, the racing portion’s really easy. Of course I have to compare this to Mario Kart since we play that so often – I think this game is easier (once you’re at the actual race). It doesn’t really let you lose or go too slowly, so I think it’s a fun and good one for the younger Wii players.
It just released and is selling on Amazon for $29.99.
Another release from Tomy is Lovely Lisa for the DS.
Obviously for girls, it’s a cute little game that allows the user paint nails, put on make-up and design your own clothes. It’s $29.99 on Amazon.

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