As often happens because I’m totally not a meal planner, 4:00 hit one night last week and I had no idea what I was making for the fam that evening for dinner. The kids were requesting Make Your Own Quesadilla Night, as we often do when I looked in the fridge and had a different idea – Make Your Own Mini Quiche Night!

I checked out the fridge for what we might use for quiche flavoring options and this is what I came up with. My kid are all about having plenty of options!

The bowl on the left has the beaten eggs.  I used 7.  It fit the 24-mini muffin tin perfectly!  Other options on our mini-quiche bar were:

-Fresh Parm
-Shredded Mexican Cheese
-Baby Spinach
-Celery/Onions Mix
-Colby-Jack cheese cubes (these were a huge hit with the kids!)
-Turkey Kielbasa that I had fried up in some evoo

I really shouldn’t be posting these food pictures when I’m hungry, huh.

I used a measuring cup to pour the egg batter into the muffin tin – helps a lot with mess prevention!

I then let the kids pick and choose what they wanted in their quiches – they seriously had such a blast doing this.

I cooked the quiches at 350 for 20 minutes.  I was surprised how quickly they cooked up!



  1. YUM,YUM,AND did I say YUM?!!!!

  2. Wow!!! I’m impressed!!! Great idea for kids and delicious looking!!! Wish I were there to have some!!! I love quiche and always maake Doree’s recipe…yummo, but these look soooo gooood!!!

  3. What a fun idea! I love it. And, it’s something healthy my picky kids would actually eat. Win!

  4. I’m all about getting the kids into the cooking gig. My son finally made an entire meal, start to finish with me. It’s on the blog …

    Anyway – awesome idea. I’d never have this kind of brain-blast at 4pm. I’d just order pizza! Brava!

    • Thanks Matt! And believe me, I don’t usually get any sort of brain blast at 4 pm other than looking to make sure my wine is there for my glass at 5:00 (see, you knew there was a reason we followed one another LOL!) It was definitely random inspiration – try it with your son, I bet he would have fun – good for all ages!

  5. These look so easy and super yummy! I’m a not-yet-expecting-mamma-to-be, if that makes sense! Any day now, Lord willing… and fun family dinner ideas like this will be great to have in my idea box! 🙂 Great blog.

    • Thanks for the comment… and this doesn’t have to be for kids, good for adults too, my hubby and I had a blast doing it as well!! Thanks for visiting!

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