My husband’s on the road a lot.  I’m most definitely a part of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Husbands.  And while it’s hard on me, I know it’s even harder on the kids at times.

So while nothing can replace having a parent there in person, that modern technology allows us to do to ease the pain of feeling that absence of the parent.  Beyond just email, phone calls and video chat, there are products like Record-A-Story.  Adults can record their voices within these stories for future playback.  Children can then open their favorite childhood tale and rather than having it read in-person, it can be read via the speaker and the pre-recorded message that’s been taped.

Love this for a military family, grandparent or anyone who has a parent who is on the road.  So far, Record A Story offers the following stories:  Dora the Explorer, Guess How Much I Miss You, Twas the Night Before Christmas and Sesame Street. Get it on Amazon for $13.95-$17.95, depending on which story you chose, with free shipping.


  1. a great idea!

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