In my “years”, I’ve become very picky when it comes to diaper bags. I’ve learned how to discriminate. I’ve learned how to pack them. I’ve learned that the best way to keep them clean inside is to switch bags daily.
And switch I do… a lot. Lately, one of the bags I’ve switched to is a new messenger, by Zosephine. This bag draws comments–in the very complimentary form. It looks sharp. A sleek black with a hint of a pattern, ladies like this bag. It has class, sophistication and a bit of formality. I can see using this one at an office or to a party. I love to wear it when I’m dressing the sophisticated look… shopping at the high-class stores.
This bag is comfortable. The messenger strap is sewn paralellel to the bulk of the bag, so it lays nicely against your hip, front or back. Its fairly light weight, with a waterproof, thick, white nylon interior–excellent for leaky sippy cups, crumbs and Potty Training Oopsies.
So, what’s in the bag? The interior has a large pocket along the back and several smaller pockets. Not diaper sized pockets, but pockets that hold keys, your cell, or an i-pod–so all your things have a place. Plus two interior, side pockets sized for holding bottles. Also included is a changing pad in the same nylon as the interior. On the outside there are two pockets: on the back, one that measures about 6″ wide by 4″ tall; the front, under the stylin’ flap, is another small pocket, and where I easily slipped my cell–perfect for a quick grab when its ringing. While carrying this bag, I found that if I slipped in my diaper carrier case as well as 2 small cosmetics (one with small toys for the boys, the other with essentials: Tylenol, diaper cream, etc.) I was set for organization.
While not a bag for my travels or a newborn, its been wonderful for shopping trips and running errands. Its the look. Not the “I’m a mom” look, the “I’m a sophisticated bag carrier … oh! And look at that! I just happen to be pushing a stroller!” look.
Get your Zosephine style. Use code 1169059002 to save $20 off your purchase.

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