“Mom, can I have a phone?”. As parents of young children and tweens this question comes up a lot! It is difficult to decided when is the right time. We want them to have the safety features of a smart phone such a being able to communicate with us, locating where they are with GPS and feeling like they can have a bit of freedom with still being in touch. However, maybe they aren’t ready for a smart phone with social media and texting. Here is where Relay comes in. Relay is a screen-free, smarter phone for kids that is GPS enabled. Parents of younger kids can feel more comfortable letting their kids run ahead if they know they can keep an eye on them virtually.

We had a chance to test these out and they are fantastic. Relay works over 4G network, so even though it works similar to a walkie talkie, its range is cross country and transmits much clear. It also saves messages, so your child can replay it if they miss it. It takes a few minutes to get familiar with the app and to teach the kids how to use it, but we all got the hang of it pretty quick. We tested it out on the school bus the other day. It was awesome! I attached them to their bags so they couldn’t lose them. The kids could talk to me on the bus and I could track where the bus was and when they got to school. The best part was that I could see when they left school so I knew when to go to the bus stop to pick them up. It also has Geofencing where you can set up a safe zone and you will be notified if your child leaves that area.

This device is really perfect for your elementary school kids who want some more freedom at amusement parks, football games and around the neighborhood with still being in touch. You can purchase Relay at Target or Amazon for about $45 and the service for the device is $9.99/mo with no contract.

Check out Samantha on our YouTube Channel testing it out! Samantha, Sass and Sports

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