For a while I’ve been worried about my little guys using my ipod. The ear-buds concern me. I can’t tell how loud they sound to them burried in their ears, plus they block off outside sound. So if I need his attention, rather than just saying Carson’s name, I have to turn and, don’t call CPS, hit him. (Okay, tap, but you get the point.) My biggest concern, though is the loud sound directly entering his already-sensitive ear canal. And my biggest earbud complaint, that they constantly fall out of Wesley’s ears.
So when I received a set of AirDrives I was pretty excited, might they be a solution to my concerns? And I think they are. They attach to their ears and sit outside the ear canal–protecting the canal from strong vibrations and sitting outside so one can still interact with those not listening. With a children’s size available, these are a great addition to gift to a child with a new ipod.
They’re also wonderful for anyone wearing a hearing aid, as they allow for the aid to sit inside the canal, and the AirDrives ride above it. (Many with hearing aids can’t fit earbuds in their canals, because their aids sit in the same spot.)
We found the kids AirDrives on sale at Amazon for $33.58. And adults for $68.98.


  1. I am an audiologist and wanted to let you know 2 things related to your concerns…
    1. The American Academy of Audiology (AAA) has a campaign regarding this very topic – check out
    2. You can set the volume limit on your child’s IPod – see the following site for more info
    Noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) is a very real problem that will no doubt affect many of our children. The thing with NIHL is that the noticeable affects are generally delayed – just another reason for teens to think it’s not going to affect them!

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